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I found the process life-changing. I have little eureka moments when I see myself living my purpose, in work and at home. 

My purpose helps me think clearly about who I am and why I am the way I am.

Michelle Hejtmankova - Mother and Senior Manager at Barclay Card

I discovered the true power of my purpose, on a journey to discovering my authentic self. I live it now!

Marc de Guiran - Small Business Owner

I now work in an area I am truly passionate about, knowing that every day I live my purpose!

Ben Holden Co-Founder - Ethical Compass

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My Story

Using Narrative Identity Theory.

Using your story to discover your life's true meaning, and helping you connect truthfully with others.

My Awareness

Using Mindfulness Theory.

Recognising your ability to pay attention, observe and notice what you are experiencing and what is happening around you.

My Decision-making

Using Strengths Theory.

Understanding your ability to make good decisions that help you recognise what you are capable of.

My Intuition

Using Behavioral Psychology.

Reflecting on your ability to know and act instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Discover Your WHY Score!
Join the group of happy individuals who live a meaningful life.

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Caroline's Story

Life-changing insight in 12-minutes

I am hugely grateful for the time you took to get true insight into me. In a 12-minute conversation you drew something out of me that I never knew was there - my true purpose, my why. That is a gift.

I can not wait to continue this journey with you. I am so grateful for the energy and dedication you give. The time you took with me has been transformative, way beyond my imaginings.

Caroline Sage CEO - Kea Consultants

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